New operations from former Barama concessions – US$9.5M investment

Two companies have gained two lots of over 800,000 hectares which were Barama concessions with 524 jobs projected to be created by 2020 and with an investment of US$9.5M. The lots were awarded by the Guyana Forestry Commission separtely to R. L. Sukhram and Sons Sawmill and to a Chinese company, Rong-An Inc. The Ministry of Natural Resources, in a release, noted the processes and decisions to divide the former concession into four parcels, each approximately 400,000 hectares. Two parcels were advertised as State Forest Exploratory Permits which allows for a three-year proicess of asessessment before commercial full-scale harvesting. Parcel one was awarded to Rong-An Inc and Parcel two to R. L. Sukhram. Benefits are being envisaged from the two awards to occur over the full operationalising period which projects national production to increase with a minimum gain in export revenue of US$7M. A third parcel was identified for conservation and research and the fourth was identified for small-concession allocation areas, 20,000 acres and less. The concessions have high occrrence of various commercial timber species of high value which include Greenheart, Purpleheart, Crabwood, Mora, Wallaba and Ksbukalli. The concessions are located in North-West, Guyana.