Villages can foster production – Granger

MBC, Georgetown, Guyana
President David Granger wants to see communities in villages mobilise for economic and cultural gains. The President urged the Guyana Branch of the Pan African Movement to take up the mantle of helping to restore villages to being incubators of entrepreneurial zeal, where small businesses, especially in the area of agriculture, can thrive and provide gainful means of employment for residents. The President was at the time delivering the feature address at the opening ceremony of the 29th Anniversary Conference of the Pan African Movement of Guyana, which was held at the Critchlow Labour College on September 1, 2017.

The Head of State said villages should never have become dormitories and must return to being power houses of food production. “Villages must be revitalised to provide the bases for small and medium-sized enterprises, including cottage industries, to be established to provide employment and generate wealth. They have the potential for increased agricultural, agro-processing and value-added production. Villages, also, can expand the range of services, which they present provide for residents. Given the skills of our people, I have no doubt that we can produce to satisfy our needs and the export market. If we start supporting our communities and villages, then we can empower housewives and families in the villages. We have the power in our villages,” the President said.

September 2, 2017