Another shenanigan at Region Four counting – Police called to question clerk with suspect flash drive

Under the gazes of local and international observers and their audiences at home and abroad, a set of events has been unfolding over the verification process of the Region four counting that leaves people gasping. Like a tragicomedy, one event after the other is occurring to delay the final verification.

The latest now has occurred in the form of major commotion this morning when Police were called in to investigate reports that a data entry clerk had a suspect flash drive and laptop in his possession. This was the fifth interruption of the verification process at the High and Hadfield Streets office of the Region Four Returning Officer since Tuesday. This followed on from yesterday’s manifestation of a dubious spreadsheet and attempts to insert it into the legitimate verification.  

 With GECOM staff complaining of tiredness and exhaustion, the process for verification of Region Four’s SoPs had been delayed last night and into this morning. Region Four is the only region outstanding from Monday’s general and regional elections.

The latest theatre is that of the GECOM data entry clerk who felt it necessary to declare his own tiredness after going through the process with a few SoPs declared. He allegedly then took a flash drive containing verification data, but was not undetected.  Party representatives accosted the situation and the police were called in to conduct a detailed questioning of the clerk and to hear the party representatives’ accounts of the matter.

Other situations of data with vast discrepancies being projected on the screen this morning at around 3.45 created another uproar with various party representatives noting the issue.

Chief Election Officer (CEO)  Keith Lowenfield was called and decided that all documents will be printed and presented to the representatives to eliminate further concerns about altered data arising at the continuation, Presidential Candidate of the Liberty and Justice Party, Lennox Shuman noted to the media.  The police were also called in at that point.

There is now a need for stringent efforts to avoid another disruption and for GECOM to display that its state of readiness includes strong efforts to avoid these situations. 

(from left) EU Press Officer, Evan Eberle, EU EOM Chief Observer Urmas Paet, EU EOM Deputy Chief Observer, Alexander Matus and Legal Analyst Dorota Ryza