Prison service works ongoing to improve facilities

March 16, 2023, Georgetown

Works at Lusignan and Mazaruni prisons have seen improvements to the prison service, with enhanced facilities at both prisons allowing for increased prison capacity to address overcrowding measures among other improvements. 

 Director of Prisons, Nicklon Elliot  speaking at opening of the annual Guyana Prison Service’s Senior Officers’ Conference, Thursday morning noted that these improvements were part of infrastructural changes made to the various prisons across Guyana. 

 The improvements at the Lusignan prison included a security fence and motion sensors to prevent inmates from attempting to escape.  A five-year Agriculture Business Plan was completed and is expected to assist the prisons in self-sufficiency. In addition, infirmary annexe has been constructed. “The healthcare services provided to inmates can be classified as an improved system,” Elliot disclosed.

“At Lusignan Prison, three buildings were completed and will house 900 prisoners, and another three structures will be completed within the next few months. A new facility will be constructed for the female prison at Lusignan which will see about 80 inmates being occupied there.”

Construction of living quarters is ongoing at the Lusignan Prison and upon completion will accommodate 150 ranks. To provide clean potable water for inmates and staff, two water filtration systems were installed at the Lusignan and Mazaruni Prisons.

Inmates also benefitted from welfare and social services, education and training programmes.

“The vocational school at Lusignan has been completed and soon we will see prisoners attending that school on a daily basis, from Monday to Friday,” Elliot stated. 

Phase one works to construct the Mazaruni prison have been completed to house 220 inmates.

Elliot noted: “Phase two of Mazaruni construction is ongoing and will be completed by the end of the year and will house 150 inmates

The prisons service has been allocated  $5.5 billion  under 2023 National Budget, to further improve the prisons’ environment. This follows a 13%  inmate population increase in 2022.

Acting Director of Prisons, Nicklon Elliot